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Shorpy is a site for historical photos that are a look back into our past. I became a member last year and have been a contributor to their colorized B&W photos section. Below is a list of all my colorization work.

  1. Wrapped in the Flag: My first attempt at colorizing using Photoshop CS6.
  2. Bombay Bicycle Club: This one took a little longer. The cieling tiles were most likely the hardest.
  3. Lux Life: This was where I learned to soften my colors a little.
  4. Ocean Portico: My all time favorite. This one was my first attempt at multiple ovrlays to get the different wood effects.
  5. Mr Right: What can I say. This one just looked like it needed a little color.
  6. Wallflowers: Wallflowers was an experiment with layers that blended colors to get the effect of a two tone wall paper.
  7. Standards Of The World: With this one, I attempted to get a more robust color scheme to show of the tan leathr of the seats and top.
  8. Perfect Timing: I love this car. The trees were done using a multi layer color opacity.
  9. Play Me: This was my first experiment with actual Layers From Copies. I first created the layer and decided the layer position and colorized each layer as seperate items.
  10. This Time Again using the Layer from copy techinique, I got the effect better than I expected. Also found otu that if I went outside the lines on the layers underneath, the ones on top coveerd it.
  11. Here Today: Another shot of This Time, but with a group of guys.
  12. Back Seat Duet: Even though the picture was torn, I found it to be a snap in time.
  13. Misses Seperates: Department Stores are always hard to do. So much glass
  14. Bicycles On Main: Macy's 1940's.
  15. campfire Boys: Quite possibly the most time consuming and hardest of all to do.
  16. Illuminata: Mystifying.
  17. Sports Touring: Another oldie but goodie.
  18. Fully Optioned: Another in the Shorpyite Colorizer's tradition. She is always a redhead.
  19. The Silent Army: The most haunting I have ever done of General Pershing at Arlington National Cemetary.
  20. Musical Alfresco: The older the picture, the more of a challenge. This from the 1890s.
  21. Merry Old Cole: What can I say, I love old cars.
  22. Miss Fisher Body: Also know as, the Fisher Body Of Work among Shorpyites.
  23. Modern Receptionist: I thought this looked better in color.
  24. Snowbirds: I might try this one again. Did not get the grass in the background as it should be.
  25. Dixie Chicken: What can I say but, YUMMMO!
  26. Super Suds: One of my first using the new tools in Photoshop
  27. Lunch With Lana: One of my first using the new tools in Photoshop. View Full Size
  28. Kid Creole: I loved this kid and wondered about skin tones on this one.
  29. Sea Legs: Ok, so I did not believe that this lady was from the 1930's. She could be a model today and get away with it.

My B&W uploads:
  1. On The Boat To Bimini